E30 medium case diff ratios These devices are often used in high-performance all-wheel-drive vehicles. The car runs fantastic, but I am interested in a differential swap. Removed from parts vehicle. E30 84'- 93' Medium Case Only (many options available from factory by special request) 318i/is (M42) 4. There are two different offsets which are not No Small Case diff has an LSD from the factory. These are found (as standard or option) on 4-cylinder BMW's in the 2002, E21, E30, and E36 cars. 07, and 5. #1. 46 Ratio LSD Diff E34, E36, E32, E30 | eBay BMW Medium Case Limited Slip Differential 3. That includes following models: E28, E30, E32, E34, E36, E38, Z3. This will only work with medium case differentials. I would like to swap to a much higher gear ratio. IIRC the E30 internals ill swap with the E36s with no problems. 10 BMW Z3 E30 E36 Medium Case 188 Differential Limited Slip Torsen 4. 46 Ratio LSD Diff E34, E36, E32, E30 | eBay Item Specifics Condition: Used Vehicle Compatibility: E30, E24, E28 Placement on Vehicle: LSD Limited Slip Torsen Differential Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany Brand: BMW Working when removed. 00 to 5. With the custom differential set up the main purpose was to provide a solution for a strong differential with LSD as the factory E30 medium case LSDs are getting harder to find and they carry a premium price, so we’ve managed to fit a Nissan Skyline R200 differential in the factory position and we’ve made it in such a way that we can duplicate it here in our custom workshop without the Common aftermarket differential ratios for the Rover differential carrier - 4. That means that the input shafts spin 2. 07, auto 3. This diff case is from BMW E23. 91 - facelift 325i touring, cabrio, 325i with getrag 260 sport Any reason you want the med case, a small case will be fine with a 2. 15 (M) 3. 10 LSD out of an ix. E24 633CSi Coupé, USA. 46 1998-1999 Z3 2. 5 lug swap. Usually differential oil is good for up to 80,000 miles without changing. Gear ratios commonly available in the U. BMW Medium Case Limited Slip Differential 3. 73 lsd, 225/45/16 tyres. Turn the wheel TWO revolutions and count the number of driveshaft turns. 25:1 ratio. This is a rebuild kit for the Buy BMW Z3 E30 E36 Medium Case 188 Differential Limited Slip Torsen 4. 79 times for each spin of the output shafts! With the transmission gear and vehicle’s speed being constant, the higher the differential ratio, the higher your engine will rev. CNC aluminum diff mount and spacer The design of the gears in the differential determines the torque bias ratio. 00 + $173. Ratios. We also recommend getting the seal for the sensor #33111210739. Install this Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kit with basic installation at a budget friendly price. -77-79 E21 halfshafts + 12 10mm bolts from trailing arm/halfshaft side. 15 - M3; 3. 79 to 3. For example, if it turned 3 and a half times, it's a 3. 168mm - Found in E30 and E36 319i and 320i - Uses all This gearbox is also used on the 320i, however with a different bell housing to suit the M20 engine. 73 (M) 4. Replaces E30/E36 188mm differential units including E30 and E36 M3 (3. Currently it has a 2. These parts are not interchangeable with late model differentials from E39 onwards (see 188K for E39 and E46). It is suggested that the 323i may have had a sports manual as an option. 36 (2002 Turbo), 3. 50:1 ratio. S. If it turned 4 and a quarter times, it's a 4. The difference between the earlier and the later cars is the cover gasket, so the kit will come with both. 91 Ratio diff. 43:1, and aftermarket replacement gears are available for many ratios as well. 0 only). 38. BMW e30 medium case differential rear cover USED Fits on all models 2 and 4 doors as well as conv. The larger is known as a medium case (Type 188), and was used on 325 models. (Medium, 188mm cases have 6 bolts. The high range varies with the engine used. Look for 6 cylinder Z3 diffs as they are pretty much direct swap (might need to swap output flanges). 1:1 and 4. 0 ltr and all diesels Remember not to get a 318 diff, they are a small case, and all other E30 diff's including the E30 M3 are the medium case diff. Also make sure you have an LSD – on the diff there is a small tag attached to one of the bolts(BMW only). Drill four holes into the trunk and bolt it up. If you have M10 bolts, torque them to 74 ft. 64 small open 316 after 9/84 3. OS Giken Superlock to suit BMW 188mm. 15:1 ratio at the lowest end of the spectrum. Rebuild kit for BMW size 188mm (medium case) differential. 10, and 4. 2) has a large case diff. i take it its a small case diff , the replacing it with another one the same size will be easy if you want to change it to amedium case diff which can handle the power better then you will need the medium case axles to match Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BMW E30 E36 188mm Medium Case LSD Differential | 4. 0 mm outer "dog ear" plates - manufactured by Bimmertune. These differentials have 6 bolt side covers and 8 bolt rear covers. E23 728i Saloon, Europe. 86. ) Basically it's all the "big" 6 cyl, the v8 and v12 cars. This is known as the " 4cyl diff. E30 medium case diff and axles. The 323i and 325i use the stronger Getrag 260 5-speed. I started compiling a list of other models with the large case. 79 (M) 325e/es 2. Price on application. 8/3. Part no: 33111210410 (but there are some other big 210 diffs which fit to E30 subframe too) (Pictures from Powerfanatics. Fits following cars: - BMW E36 - 323i, 325i, 328i, M3 3. Gear ratios are: 2000-2002 Z3 3. There are two different offsets which are not This gearbox is also used on the 320i, however with a different bell housing to suit the M20 engine. Its probably rusty but if you can read the lettering the tag should start with S if you have an LSD(mine reads S373657, 373 standing for the ratio). . 1st and 2nd are absolutely nuts now, hehe. A ratio of 3. Accordingly, ring and pinion gears can be exchanged freely between all these cars. 78:1. FOR SALE! ITEM DESCRIPTION :OEM BMW E30 LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL WITH A 2. Hey im almost ready to tune the V8 with the link (will post up pics this weekend ) But i no ill have to change the ratio in the lsd to suit the torque,power and gearbox of the new motor. How to properly install LSD conversion set into BMW differential type 188mm (medium case). 46 Ratio LSD Diff E34, E36, E32, E30 | eBay BMW Z3 E30 E36 Medium Case 188 Differential Limited Slip Torsen 4. SMALL (168mm ring gear), MEDIUM (188mm ring gear), and LARGE (210mm ring gear). 25 IIRC. 76. 46 Ratio LSD. 0 ltr and all diesels Simply unbolt the two bolts on your diff cover and bolt ours up. This featured a dogleg shift pattern BMW Medium Case Limited Slip Differential 3. Will fit most 188mm differentials for: E23/E24/E28/E30/E36. 93 Lsd Diff Medium Case 2. For better accuracy, turn the wheel 20 times and divide by 2 for OEM parts you need. 27 (very rare). Fairy/Superwinch overdrive ratio - 0. 64 - prefacelft 325i 3. 07 Ratio Ring & Pinion Clean and undamaged, came out of a low miles E28 5 series Ready to go into your project car or BMW uses three different sized differentials. 0 and 325 td/s - BMW E30 - 325i/e, 324td and M3 - B. A complete rebuild kit for your 188mm medium case differential. com) This large case 33111210410 differential is available in: E23 733i Saloon, USA. Below is a table of E30 diff ratios, all are interchangeable. 0 and 325 td/s - BMW E30 - 325i/e, 324td and M3 - BMW Z3 - all engines over 2. Product Description. 10 ratio from only £850. That's it!! Comes with chassis mounting points. I have just bought a used 188mm medium case differential, 3. Plate strength parameters exceed original BMW part parameters. 45. Fits following cars: - BMW E36 - 323i, 325i, 328i, M3 3. $750. £142 Just 1 left in stock! Enlarge Image. [citation needed] The M3 was fitted with a Getrag 265 5-speed manual gearbox. 0 Coupe, came with a Torsen(similar to Quaife) style diff. I'm in the South East, but happy to travel for the right diff BMW 3 Series 6 cylinder E30 E32 medium case rear 188 rear diff rebuild kit. -E30 medium case di fferential + mounting bolts. Will come out with some effort and a screwdriver. E23 735i Saloon, USA. My E30 has a M50 swap and 5-speed. 169. 25 or 3. 45, 3. I may be time to rebuild. 93 RATIO 154108411253 The differences between the differential and an engine is that the differential has no internal filter to capture small particles of metal as the gears wear. -02 rear subframe. E23 728iS Saloon, Europe. Type 188mm differentials were fitted to following cars: BMW Z3 E30 E36 Medium Case 188 Differential Limited Slip Torsen 4. 00 BMW Z3 E30 E36 Medium Case 188 Differential Limited Slip Torsen 4. LSD or open diff. 45 (M) 4. 10 ratio | eBay No Small Case diff has an LSD from the factory. In 1998-2002, the Z3 2. 15 ratio medium case open diff differential Good condition no leaks taken from 120k mile road car open diff comes with pictured mounting bolts nice upgrade for normal 323i 328i ratio 4 bolt The first decision to make when buying a custom differential is to determine the gearing you want. 46 Ratio LSD Diff E34, E36, E32, E30. However, if popular upgrades like an M50-S52 swap are planned you will most likely select a taller gear ratio (numerically lower), such as 3. 15 to 4. Any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime. For instance, if a particular helical differential is designed with a 5:1 bias ratio, it is capable of applying up to five times more torque to the wheel that has good traction. 73 which is pretty short but keeps the stock M20 in the powerband. Like the 9-inch, the 8-inch uses no carrier breaks, meaning you can put a 5. 75:1. Doing a search on the web and all the ones I can find are 50mm x 78mm x 10/15, part number 33107609536. By Shunty, March 6, 2015 in Want to buy. 32:1. If you have M8 bolts, torque them to 47 ft. 79:1 rear without changing to a smaller differential carrier. 1 or3. Small & medium case diffs Small & medium case diffs Case Size The E30 was fitted with two sizes of differential. E30 Small Case vs Medium Case diff for comparison if you guys ever wondered 🤙🏼 4. e28 shares same diff case with e34 and e30. 36 or 3. There are two different sizes of bolts used on these cars, M8 and M10 Torx. Due to the fully customisable nature of these differentials, you will be contacted after ordering to discuss specifications. OEM BMW E30 Differential to Hanger Mounting Bolt Nut 84-91 325e 325i 325ix Good used condition. 15 would do, as would an open diff with 3. 10 168Mm Final Drive Gear Ratio Pinion Ring H1 Cwp Differential Lsd - EUR 104,91. 91 etc should have a tag on the back of the diff. 15:1 will give you a good mix of better mileage and decent power. The higher the gear ratio, the more RPM's an engine must turn to keep your speed constant. 2pcs 2. The gear ratio determines the number of revolutions of the wheel for every revolution of the drive shaft. In fact, the Ford F-150, which is considered the best-selling truck of all time, offers trucks with a 3. BMW E28 E30 Medium case, 188 diff, 3. Ratios Below is a list of ratio and cars in which they can be found. 38 ratio. a. Now it currently has a medium case. 15:1 (making it an under drive) . ZU VERKAUFEN! Gear Ratio CWP 168MM 4. Will bolt directly to E34 and E32 6 cylinder cars as is. Repair set for BMW medium case type 188 LSD differential. 10 H1 41:10 Repaired Condition : Pinion and 114941993798 BMW Medium Case Limited Slip Differential 3. Also, the differential uses oil that is much thicker than engine oil. The stock E30 325i manual ratio is 3. 93 188Mm 25% - $927. 64 - prefacelft 325i; 3. Below is a list of ratio and cars in which they can be found. 93 shipping. $350 to your door. Reply to this topic; can do the diff in that ratio, but no axles sorry. The 4 cylinder E30s (except the S14) have small case diffs. What diff should i use ? Common diff used on e28 is typ188 a. 64:1 ratio, for use in my project car. 99€. 15, auto 4. Brake Bias Adjusters; Brake Bias Valves; Brake Calipers; Brake Discs; Brake Fittings & Hose; Brake Fluid Reservoirs; Brake Fluid; Brake Pads; Handbrake Cables I've been looking for diff alternatives for my E46 M3. 73 - facelift 325i 3. Learn more about fitting a differential. 64, 3. All E10, E21, E30, and E36 4-cylinder models (except M3) fit with small-case differentials with a ring gear size of 168mm. Qty: £32. 10 (A) 325ix - 3. Add to Cart. 95 Canada $40. 19 (A) 318i/is - 3. Axles were similar to the Ford 9-inch 28-spline units. 8 Coupe, manual had 3. Use E30 output shafts and axles with medium case diff; E30 LSD is clutch Z3M is Torsen; E24/28 Diffs require cover swaps ; Most input shafts are the same (4 bolt) M cars may have 6 bolt; E30. Standard Coiler transfer case low range ratio - 3. 10 ratio | eBay 3. 45 going into my Rotary Powered e30 1 / 2 Front/too view of the diffs side by side. I'll eventually go back a 3. 0 Coupe, manual had 3. BMW E30 318i 318is 3 Series Limited Slip LSD Conversion Kit to convert your OEM Getrag 240 5-Speed Manual / The Small Case with the 368mm Ring Gear/open differential. /lbs. 10ratio. All pre-'95 4-cylinder 4wd mini-trucks & 4Runners use the Toyota 8" 2-pinion differential front and rear ( except turbo models ). (Accurate identification using the GM RPO code assumes that the rear end has not been previously modified) The prefix is usually F, G or H when referring to Original gear ratios range between 2. 79:1 and 5. 73 out for a 4. final drive ratio of 0. 15 (M)* 3. BMW Z3 E30 E36 Medium Case 188 Differential Limited Slip Torsen 4. Other models used a Large Case which is not directly interchangeable but the internals can be swapped. 2 ltr - BMW E28 - all engines up to 2. Would like to change the input flange oil seal, measured it at 50mm x 70mm not able to measure the width until I get it out. 10 (A) M3 - 4. 91 small open 316i M10 3. This item fits the following BMWs: 1988-1991 E30 BMW 318i 318is 318ic 325e 325es 325i 325ic 325is M3 I'm after a BMW medium case 188mm diff from a Z3 or an E30 (or maybe an E28). The E36 M3 Evo (Euro 3. 10 (M) 318ic (M42) 4. So you'll need to buy a medium case diff; buy one that has a LSD already installed in it. Enlarge Image . 93 shipping + $173. Medium case used on 518,520,525,528e,528i, and large case typ210 for 535i and M5. 88 - High offset is 2. 73 - facelift 325i Differential Gear Ratios and Types: model(s) ratio(s) case size type(s) 316 before 9/84 3. 25 (M)* E36 90' - 00' 325i/is - 3. Standard Series transfer case high range ratio - 1. Motamec Racing - BMW E30 / E36 188 Medium Case - ATB Unit For use with the E30 188 medium case, can also be fitted to the E36 with the casing conversion, please contact us for more info. For the sake of this write-up we'll be focusing on the small case limited slip differentials. 91 (M)* 4. BMW E30 4. A) 3. are 3. E23 732i Saloon, Europe. Our E30 Secondary Diff Mount Includes. 93 (M) 325i/is/ic 3. 25 ratios are common and cheap. 44. Cruise Control Units; Engine Computers; Other; Cooling System Euro spec is just a different ratio, nothing special. Diff uses 10mm studs with 14mm nuts. You can use the open diff case, and add a LSD, but it's typically better to find a used case with a diff in it. 91, 4. 45 (A) Most BMW E30 Differentials vary from 2. This featured a dogleg shift pattern BMW medium sized differentials from E28, E30, E24, E34 and E36 including 323i, 325i, 328i, 525i, 535i, E36 M3 3. 79 gear ratio in a medium case. Quote. 10 small open i would say your orginal e30 diff would be something like 4. It has the large case, 210mm differential, with 8 bolts on each side. Giving me an open road of 3074rpm @110kph in 5th. BMW 188k differential 3. Lead time approx 3 weeks. Use ti trailing arms; z3m trailing arms can be too wide depending on wheel and tire combo; use 96+ front components from E36 Hub, strut, and Drain the gear oil 2 17mm oil drain plug Allen key style (smelly) and remove diff cover (8 17mm bolts) Next pop out the output shafts. -02 trailing arms. If you are going to use e34 or e30 diff on e28, you need to make sure the new diff is the same type (188 or 210) as your current. 0L. This Genuine BMW speedometer / pulse generator is mounted in the back of the differential and provides wheel speed information to the instrument cluster speedometer. E30s used either a Small Case or Medium Case differential. 10 ratio | eBay BMW 3 Series 6 cylinder E30 E32 medium case rear 188 rear diff rebuild kit. 46 Ratio LSD Diff E34, E36, E32, E30 | eBay May 22, 2007. If you are trying to get the best fuel economy possible for your truck, a lower ratio is a great way to do it. Because these little cars were never expected to deal with a burly V8’s torque, you can’t just bash an LS into an E30 and expect the rear end to live happily ever after. 91 as well, my mate had one in his 320i and it was good. I think factory auto 320 diff was more like a 4,45. 95 Rebuild kit for BMW size 188mm (medium case) differential. It has a crown wheel diameter of 188mm. Any medium case 188mm will work. 73 once I can afford to get one a nice rebuild with more lock up then the stock 25%. 43:1 ring and pinion in a 2. The 4cyl 8" diff. " This diff is by far the most common diff in older Toyotas. I use it as a daily driver and don't often go over 60 MPH (never go over 85 MPH) but enjoy the acxelation getting there. Our diffs are cosidered medium cases. 79 and up to 4. Brakes. 64 ratio crownwheel & pinion set Identify your GMC or Chevrolet rear end gear ratio by the RPO Codes, usually located on the placard labeled “Service Parts Identification” inside the drivers door panel or glove box. 8 ltr - BMW E34 - petrol engines up to 3. 10 Ratio Ring & Pinion Gears at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! swap info: use an E30 rear cover, and E30 output shafts, which just slide in, and there are many medium case diffs that fit an E30. BMW typ 188 differential repair kit |E36 E30 E34 Z3 and other|. Brand new manufactured to Motorsport spec For road and race use BMW Medium Case Limited Slip Differential 3. 4,27 CWP gear ratio. The number of driveshaft rotations will help you determine your rear axle ratio. It's a good idea to change the diff oil while you are under the car. 10 (M) 3. Computer, Chip, Cruise Control . Next remove the carriers by removing the six 13mm bolts on each side. k. Low range varies. I'd go 3. It will not work with early model small differentials. 38 or 3. -e36 diff cover which has two hanger mounts (not absolutely necessary, but much better than the E30 diff cover with only one mount) -4bolt flange from an old Gears are rowed through a Ripshift shifter that features a custom lever, while a Quaife LSD replaces the stock diff, centered inside a six-pot E30 medium-case housing. I swapped my dying 3. Chris (nz320i) has one as well, ask him about it. - Ten 10mm ring gear bolts. 15 - M3 3. This set includes: 2pcs 2. 10 ratio | eBay Brakes. Removed from a auto 325 touring No issues, no whines The oil came out clean and free of swarf Note there is no BMW medium sized differentials from E28, E30, E24, E34 and E36 including 323i, 325i, 328i, 525i, 535i, E36 M3 3. 27 (M) 325e before 9/85 2. As far as gear ratios, you'll want the highest you can get. 3. Used in good condition, removed from a 125k miles car. may be time to rebuild. BMW OEM E30 Limited Slip Differential S2. Ideally a torsen LSD with 3. 325 325e es 325i 325is Will not fit on 318 model This is a used in good usable condition item I can do world wide shipping this item fits on USPS medium flat rate box international $59. Used in good condition, removed from a Manufacturer: BMW - Munich, Germany Vehicle Compatibility: 1980-1990 BMW E28 5 Series 1981-1991 BMW E30 3 Series 1992-1999 BMW E36 3 Series 1996-2000 BMW Z3 E36 Roadster/Coupe 1987-1996 BMW E34 5 Series Notes: This is the BMW Medium Case 188mm Limited Slip Differential 3. 0 mm friction/clutch plates - original ZF. 5. 46 ratio, but a 3. Ahh yeah, pretty cerain an 'm5' diff from an E28 is the same as the '535' diff which is a 188mm med case diff They are still top mount diffs, hence bolt in to the E28 subframe. Having the car in gear will lock the diff and help you torque the mounting bolts. 10 ratio | eBay BMW Medium Case Limited Slip Differential 3. Differential Gear Ratios. Work it from all angles till they pop out. 188mm - Found in E28, E30, E32, E34, E36 - Uses all taper bearings - 6-bolt side covers - 8-bolt rear cover - Uses 188mm style LSDs - Uses 188mm style ring and pinion sets - Standard offset 3. Brake Bias Adjusters; Brake Bias Valves; Brake Calipers; Brake Discs; Brake Fittings & Hose; Brake Fluid Reservoirs; Brake Fluid; Brake Pads; Handbrake Cables BMW E46 3.

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